Car Battery Replacements & Services

When it comes to car batteries in NZ, kiwis are sometimes not at the top of their game. Flat batteries are one of the top reasons for call outs these days. It may be that your battery needs replacing or something electrical was left on in your vehicle causing the battery to slowly discharge. When it comes to car batteries, most people know that you cannot live without one if you wish to ensure that your car is able to run at all. Good batteries, when well looked after and serviced, can last for over 5 years. Depending on how you use your vehicle etc. this can sometimes be as little as 3 years. And of course, battery disposal is another key task during car battery replacement.

Many drivers in NZ are simply too caught up in their daily lives to even know when their battery needs servicing until it is too late. As a driver, you may find yourself stuck in your drive way on the way to work or less favourably in the middle of nowhere in the dark. These are of course extreme cases but common nonetheless. The key is to be prepared. If you require an auto electrician in Auckland, our team at Auto Connection is experienced when it comes to everything related to car batteries in NZ.


Few Tips to Consider When Acquiring New Battery for Your Vehicle


If you are simply unsure of your vehicle’s requirements when it comes to acquiring a new battery, here are some tips to consider:

  • Battery group size – it is crucial to find the correct battery to fit the dimensions of the shape provided in your vehicle. If you get this wrong, it could become an even bigger headache for you.
  • Depending on your vehicle type and driving style, this can sometimes determine whether a regular starting battery will fit your vehicle’s requirements or if you need to look further into other battery options.
  • Other things to consider are whether you have the right car battery based in a colder environment in order for your engine to effectively start. Also, does your battery have enough reserve capacity to run essential parts of the vehicle if the alternator fails. The list can go on and on.


Looking for a car battery in Auckland? We understand there are hundreds of options throughout NZ’s largest city. Thankfully, with us here to help, you don’t need to be concerned with worry about any of the above. We have got you covered. If you are needing a car battery in Auckland quick, then Auto Connection is your best option. We know our stuff. Car battery replacement does not have to be something for you to worry about anymore. Leave it to our team of experienced auto electricians based in Auckland.