Automotive Brake Repairs

An interesting fact – Did you know that a car travelling at 65km per hour will take 5 metres further to stop than a car travelling at 60km per hour?  This is a slightly sobering fact for anybody who drives. Fortunately, brake failure accidents are a rare occurrence these days.

One key aspect to take into consideration when you have purchased a vehicle is whether everything is in working order, particularly the braking system, particularly if you have just purchased a used vehicle. It is highly recommended that you always get your vehicle thoroughly inspected to ensure everything is as it should be so your driving is in no way compromised. The team at Auto Connection can assist you with a detailed check of all the key components of your vehicle and we have brake specialists to check braking system thoroughly. Many people may overlook the importance of checking a car’s braking system. Most vehicle buyers these days are more concerned with the overall appearance of both the interior and exterior and that all the electronics are in working order i.e. lights and windows.  Our team at Auto Connection understands the importance of your vehicle’s braking system. We place this at the top of the list when it comes to safety and reliability for you as a driver. As everyone knows, brakes are the only part of the car that we can reply on to slow us down. Regular checks should be done regularly.


Ways to Avoid Premature Brake Repairs


  • Avoid high speed braking. Brakes literally turn energy into heat. A third more energy is used when braking at 65km per hour than at 55 km per hour. Less stress on your vehicles braking system means it will last longer.
  • Looking further at what’s ahead will allow you to anticipate your next move. Knowing something in advance will allow time to prepare if you do need to apply the brakes. This is the difference between a gentle decrease in speed and the sudden stress on your braking system because of a split second decision.
  • Brake fluid is something that requires regular changing. Typically known as bleeding and flushing in the world of mechanics, this will allow all the components to last longer and effectively increasing your safety when you are driving. Our Auto Connection brake repair specialists can assist with this kind of service as required.

Our brake specialists are highly experienced when it comes to all matters related to your vehicle’s braking system. If you are looking for a good brake repair team, then you have come to the right place. Our brake specialists have years of experience and knowledge when it comes to your vehicle’s individual brake requirements.